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The Gymnast's Survey

I've had this collecting dust in my inbox, and seeing as I have no more gymnast friends to forward it to (they've all moved on *sigh*), I thought I'd post it here.

Are you a male or female gymnast: Female
What class/level are you: Do you have a level if you quit? I was a Level 5 but not anymore.
What's your favorite/least favorite event: Floor/Beam
How long have you been in gymnastics? 9 years almost.
How old when you started: 10
Are you on a team: Not anymore
Do you have all your splits: Yes
-Oversplits: Good side
Are you a righty or lefty gymnast: Lefty (righty writer though)
Do you watch gymnastics on TV: When I can
What's your favorite/least favorite event to watch: Girls-bars and floor Guys-high bar and floor. Don't really have a least favorite to watch.
What was your highest score and on what event: 9.1, vault
What's your favorite/least favorite trick: Tsuk-entry vaults (even though I can only do them on the big mar; they're still fun!)/back walkovers on beam
Have you ever straddled an apparatus: Yes. It hurts
-In a meet: No
Have you ever fallen in a meet: Yes
Who's your favorite/least favorite gymnast: Shannon Miller and Blaine Wilson/Svetlana Khorkina
Which gymnast do you consider most influential on you: Shannon Miller
Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you in a meet: It wasn't a meet, but I was in an exhibition at my gym and my bra came unhooked while I was doing my beam routine.
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