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Maria wasn't evaluated by the coach on Saturday as planned, because she (the coach) was in Manhattan for a meet. However, the level 4 team came in to practice, all of them wearing their matching glimmery blue leotards, sparkly scrunchies, wind suits and letter jackets, all ready for their meet in NYC. They were looking very sharp, and Maria was so pumped to see that some of the girls were ALMOST as small as she is. (She has been resigned to being the smallest in every class of anything she's in.)

Next weekend for sure, her coach Amanda said, the Level 4 coach will have a look at Maria. She says that Maria is doing Level 4 skills that lots of the other Level 4 girls haven't even mastered, yet, and that she would be very surprised if they didn't put Maria on the Level 4 training squad. It's exciting, but scary, too. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but Maria said she wanted to do it, desperately. I'm not sure where the money's going to come from, but I'm just going to have to try to make something work.

She (and I, too) found out there's such a thing as a back limber, and she did it on her first try, with her legs together and her toes pointed. Her coach is so impressed with her, but Maria and Miss Amanda love each other, and that's one of Maria's only qualms with moving up in her gymnastics training. She doesn't want to leave the girls that she knows and the coach that she loves. How do I make that transition easier for her? She has been complaining of pain along her shins, also. I think it may very well be growing pains, but it could be gymnastics related, too. Any words of wisdom on preventing/helping with that? Is she not stretching enough?

As always, thanks for your expertise.

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