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A few questions.

I'm not sure if this is allowed.

I'm not a gymnastics coach, but I figured you all might know a thing or three more than I do in this arena, and I thought it would be worth a try to post my questions here.

I have a six-year-old daughter who is in gymnastics, and she hasn't been taking it for very long at all. She turned six in July, and she now weighs 38 pounds, so she is just a tiny thing.

This is her fourth year in ballet, but she just started gymnastics in June. At the time, she could do a cartwheel fairly well. Now, after taking one-hour classes once a week since then, she can do cartwheels on the beam and on the floor, one-handed cartwheels, one-handed roundoffs, roundoff backhandspring combos, back and front walkovers, back walkovers on the beam with minimal spotting, back walkovers switching legs in the middle, and back handsprings cold just from standing still. It seems like alot to me, but I'm no coach... I don't have experience with children at this age level, but to me, she seems to have a true talent for it. Am I right or wrong? Is it too soon to tell? A coach at another gym took a look at her and wanted to put her on a USAG training squad immediately, and wanted to bump her up to at least 4 hours a week.

What about ballet? What would you recommend? Any advice outside of what I've mentioned here?

This is a picture of her kicking over from a bridge:

Thanks so much. :)
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