Ryan's Mom (flipping4jesus) wrote in gym_coaches,
Ryan's Mom

Revive the Community!

Hi, I've been in gymnastics most of my life. I've coached for almost 13 years now. Two years ago I became a wife. Another year later I also became a Mom. I gave up coaching for a while, but missed it so much that I went back to coaching one night each week. There's several people listed as members of the community, so let's get back in touch! The gymn forum is great, but that's also another site to go to and not all of us have time for that, so how about some gymnastics discussion here -- even if it's just a good laugh at the antics of recreational kids! I have this one little girl who is 6. She is in my beginning recreational gymnastics class (we call it the red squad). She is so funny! She talks NONSTOP! During a class a couple of weeks ago, she finally got her turn on trampoline. But she didn't stop talking! She started telling me some story about her cat. Sometimes I have to really let her have it because she even keeps talking while I'm giving directions. Last time she did it, I ignored her. Then when she didn't know what to do, I made her miss that rotation. It was hard because she's so sweet, but she's just going to have to put a sock in it!

I'd love to hear your gym woes, funnies, and concerns! Let's bring this community back to life!
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