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short stuff

gymnastics survey

1. What first got you into gymnastics? Well I watched the 92 olympics with my neighbor and after the games we would go outsides do cartwheels and roundoffs pretending we were kim zemskal and shannon miller, yes I know cornie
2. Was that when you started following gymnastics as a fan? yes

3. Have you ever competed in gymnastics? If yes, what level were/are you? i did junior high and high school, hopfully will do empire state games in the future

4. Do you still do gymnastics? If no, when did you quit? i wouldnt say I quit I am taking a break due to college for a few months
5. What's your favorite piece of apparatus? vault and beam

6. What's your favorite skill on each apparatus? (regardless of whether you can actually do these skills or not) bars- comeneci (sp?), beam that I can do round off's stuff i can't do the teza, floor whip triple full, vault that I can do half on half off, yurchenko 2 1/2 twist

7. What skills do you hate so much that you want to ban them from the Code of Points? when elites jump from low bar to high bar
8. What meets are you planning to go to this year? Competing in? not sure but I am not competing

9. What's your favorite NCAA team? UCLA, michigan

10. What's your favorite national team? the US team i suppose

11. What's your favorite American gym club? hills, GAGE

12. Name your top five favorite gymnasts of all time: shannon miller, jamie dantzcher,andreea raducan, lillia pod, kristen maloney
13. Name your top five current USA gymnasts: shayla worley, Mohini Bhardwaj, Courtney Kupets, terin humphrey, shantessa pama

14. Name your top five current foreign gymnasts: anna pavolova, monica rosu, allana slater well thats all i can think of right now

15. Who's the cutest gymnast of the opposite sex? jason gatson

16. How many times have you broken a bone/torn a ligament/dislocated a joint because of gymnastics? i tore my miniscus in my knee, sprained ankles

17. What qualities do you think are most important in a successful gymnast? hard working and determined and dedication

18. Who's your least favorite gymnast of all time? Svetlana her attitude bothers me

19. Which gymnasts did you want to win the men's and women's AA titles in Athens? brett and Carly

20. You were elected president of FIG what would you do? the judge controversary is joke get over hamm won. I never said it was fair or weather he deserved but people leave the guy in peace...I would mainly make it so their is no age limit for worlds or olyympics
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